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Krazart Bonus Program & Affiliate Program

Krazart is a highly specialized portal for finding fine art retreats and inspiring art courses. Krazart has developed a simple process where affiliates (thatís you!), who would like to recommend or promote Krazart are provided with a web link and an unique affiliate code.

For each new member on your recommendation Krazart will extend your membership with TWO FREE months.

Sign ups will automatically be linked to you. You can monitor the number of new members
who sign up via your link from the control panel of your Krazart Affiliate account.

- Valid for new members from all over the world! -

How does it work in practice?
  • Simply give your contacts the code we provided to sign up. New members will be asked to enter a code during the sign up process.
  • If you run your own banner advertising campaign, we give you a coded link which you can embed into your banner (feel free to copy the banners for you own purposes). New members will automatically be linked to your account.

  • To join the Krazart promotion program you must be a member of Krazart.
  • Nobody appreciates spam. Neither do we. Please donít promote Deligogo by spam.

    Just contact us and request your personal promotion codes which you can provide to interested potential members


    Co-Founder Krazart

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