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Giuseppe Devoti
Canzano, Abruzzo, ItaliŽ
Oil - Autoritratto dell'Inconscio

Oilpainting For more information please visit my website or contact me by email (preferably in Italian)

Arte Verrocchio
siena, Tuscany, Italy
*Sculpture - Nigel Konstam Sculptures

For more information please visit the gallery on my web site

Arco Arte
Carrara, Tuscany, Italy
*Sculpture - Art piece no. 1 - Boutros Romhein

Please contact us for more information


New Artisan

Yuri Karpov
Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland
*Mixed Techniques - Night in March -test

Colored plaster on wooden panel.

Yuri Karpov
Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland
Oil - Leafs collection

Oil, canvas, textura.

Hilde Genoese
Pignone, Liguria, ItaliŽ
*Mixed Techniques - Sacro e profano

Technica mista su tela


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