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Jilly Ballantyne
Vence, Provence, France
Acrylic - Jilly Ballantyne - Henri's Chair

painted at the Matisse Villa in Vence.

Marie-Hélène Stokkink
Buis les Baronnies, Rhône-Alpes, Frankrijk
Watercolor - Petit cochon, qui veut vivre des aventures

For more information please contact me by email or visit my website.

DeLuxe Pro
Morvan, Bourgogne, France
Acrylic - Yoga

Prices on request


New Artisan

Yolande Weerdenburg
Sanssat, Le Bourg, Auvergne, Frankrijk
*Art Routes - and I will show you this beautiful world....


Yolande Weerdenburg
Sanssat, Le Bourg, Auvergne, Frankrijk
Oil - To the sun


Gregory Pelizzari
Monflanquin, , France
Oil - Gregory Pelizzari - some art pieces

"TECHNIQUE MIXTE" PAINTING WORKSHOP teaches an approach to painting known as the "technique mixte", which has its antecedents with the early Northern Masters (Jan van Eyck). This ...


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