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Krazart blog articles are randomly featured with each listing (individual art or creative courses) by matching keywords. Every time a listing page is refreshed, different articles will appear. Articles contain embedded links (a nice way to exchange links!) and are always presented with the writers image and a reciprocal link to the writers blog or website. If you would like to post articles in this blog feel free to contact us (read more ...).

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Luke Shepherd
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June 11, 2010Sculpting Course references - Italy
March 12, 2010The Rt Hon the late Viscount Tonypandy (George Thomas)
March 12, 2010Sculptor Begins Biggins - Christopher Biggins with Sculptor Luke Shepherd
March 12, 2010Billy Connolly Video - with Sculptor Luke Shepherd
February 4, 2010Ron Meuck sculptures exhibition - Manchester Art Gallery
September 5, 2009Ron Mueck (01) - sculptures- video
September 5, 2009Ron Mueck (02) - sculptures - video
August 30, 2009Live sculpture show - video
August 30, 2009Bliss dance - video

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