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Profile: Roman Reisinger - artpainter - Fine Art - The Netherlands

Roman Reisinger
(Born 12-14-1970, Amsterdam)
link to art work

Roman Reisinger is a young and talented painter. After working for 12 years as a graphic designer he decided 7 years ago to dedicate his life to painting, with the most important reason: total individual and creative freedom. This freedom gives him room to consecrate his life with passion and love to painting. His treatment of the trade requires a lot of knowledge and time. Roman is inspired by the 'old masters' from the Golden Century, present painters of realism, but also by the old and new impressionism.

Within his paintings movements as the present realism and impressionism are strongly present. Roman Reisinger exercises his unique talent to bend these movements into his own and contemporary style.

All paintings are originals and can be bought with or without a handmade frame. His work is a great succes and therefore it is possible that the paintings from this site are sold. But if you wish to make contact about a new commission, extra information about a certain painting or you would like to know where his new exhibition is held, then you can send him an e-mail by pressing on 'the little envelope'.

Roman Reisinger
link to art work

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