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Krazart works with region contacts which you can contact directly for independent tips and recommendations. Learn more ..........

If you are looking for unique art, inspiration, creative courses or photography workshops to develop or mobilize your latent talents, might be door to the surprises in life you are looking for!

Krazart is a transparent and affordable, low maintenance, accessible and user friendly podium to promote art, crafts, creative courses, open galleries and art fairs. Krazart strives to add value by detailing not only featured products and services of craftsmen and artists, but also profiling the area where they are located.

Krazart strives to inspire her website visitors to combine a break with creative activities and learn more about open atelier routes, local artisans, their art and services! Krazart also would like to contribute to and raise public awareness of what Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Africa have to offer regarding unique art and creative courses.

They could be right under your nose......

It is our mission to represent Krazart's members as good as possible. Our members have full control over the presentation of their work and services through a simple content management system. Krazart facilitates direct contact between her members and the visitor and does not take commission for sold art or services.

If you encounter any problems with your subscription or uploading information, please email us and we will contact you within 24 hours. Otherwise, you can contact us at:

Zegwaartseweg 62, 2723PB
The Netherlands
Tel : +31-79-8885979

Office hours:
Monday to Friday / 10.00 AM - 16.00 PM (CET)

Chamber of Commerce nr.: 27310517
IBAN: NL75ABNA0545790662

Username: krazart1

Krazart is not a selling agency. Sales are ordered and paid directly with/to the seller. Please take note of the Information Leaflet and Disclaimer prior to your actual purchase.

Krazart is integrated in Vacaza / Vacaza de Luxe as part of the active break portal.

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