Banner advertising for businesses
For suppliers of art materials, food preparation equipment, food & beverage magazines, etc
Great value - have your banners visible on multiple sites for one price!

STANDARD - 25,= per month - minimal duration 3 months - banner advert visible in
Krazart  - Unique art, creative & photograpy courses
Deligogo - Small scale produced food&beverages - wine trails - cooking courses
Vacaza - Accommodation related to creative - sportive - culinary activities
Vacaza de Luxe - Accommodation related to creative - sportive - culinary activities

Example Banner Advert: Click here (left sidebar, bottom position, applicable for all sites / Banner size 120 - 120 pixels / max 5Kb)
Example Forum Advert: Click here (right sidebar, top and bottom position / Banner size 140 - 140 pixels / max 10Kb)

25,= per year
Example Suppliers page (banners): Click here
Example Forum Item: Click here  

- 9,50 per year
A Point of Interest added by a visitor via a visitor account in Krazart, Deligogo or Vacaza is visible in all sites!
Example Point of Interest: Click here
Click here to create a free visitor account in Deligogo
Click here to create a free visitor account in Krazart
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SPONSORHIPS - offer your customers a FREE membership!
A Sponsorship offers you the possibility to offer your customers (eg art course organisers, wineries, cheesefarms, etc.) a FREE Krazart/Deligogo/Actigogo/Vacaza membership!
You then agree with these members you can add your business logo in their guestbook :
Click here .
Your logo will be visible for any additional listing of this member.
contact us for details.

Send a mail to contact us with the URL of the intended website, texts and images.
We only publish your information after your approval. The period starts the day after publication and is only extended when
Vacaza Services BV received your approval to continue.

Vacaza Services BV reserves the right to decline a request to advertise on the Krazart/Deligogo/Actigogo/Vacaza sites. 

General guidelines for delivery of advertisement materials
Please no rotating banners or images with a sound.
GIF, JPEG and PNG are the standard file types for the internet.

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Company information:
Vacaza Services BV - Krazart
Zegwaartseweg 62, 
2723PB Zoetermeer Nederland 
Tel : +31-79-8885979 

KvK-nr:             27310517 
BTW-nr:            8188.61.514.B.01
ABN-AMRO :     545790662 
IBAN:                NL75ABNA0545790662 
BIC:                   ABNANL2A