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Vacaza Deluxe

Urn (#1380)

- Enlarge Photos -
Anja van Dongen
Region:Noord-Brabant City:Den Bosch
Size: Weight: kgs
Price:1015.00 (EUR)


For more information please contact me by email or visit my website.

Ceramics by Ine van Grinsven

Other Items by Anja van Dongen

*Art Routes - 750.00 (EUR)

Other - 895.00 (EUR)
Urn felt and ceramics

Rings - 125.00 (EUR)
Ring, silver with felt

Fashion - 195.00 (EUR)
Felt shawl

Fashion - 120.00 (EUR)
Felt shawl with chiffon silk

Fashion - 70.00 (EUR)
Felt rucksack

Fashion - 35.00 (EUR)
Felt bag

Felting - 1300.00 (EUR)
Felt wall object

Felting - 180.00 (EUR)
Scarf felt and silk

Felting - 125.00 (EUR)
Felt collier red flowers

Felting - 115.00 (EUR)
Shawl felt in more colors

Felting - 90.00 (EUR)
Felthat with silk scarf

Felting - 89.95 (EUR)
Scarf, handpainted ponge-silk with wool

Felting - 89.95 (EUR)
Scarf, handpainted ponge-silk with wool

Felting - 89.95 (EUR)
Scarf, handpainted ponge-silk with wool

Felting - 60.00 (EUR)

Felting - 60.00 (EUR)
De cirkel is niet rond

Felting - 59.95 (EUR)
High Tea Muts

Felting - 55.00 (EUR)

Felting - 50.00 (EUR)

Silk - 160.00 (EUR)
shawl silk ponge handpainted

Silk - 140.00 (EUR)
Chiffonsilk scarf with wool

Silk - 125.00 (EUR)
Silk scarf chiffon

Silk - 110.00 (EUR)
Chiffon silk red scarf with feltflowers

Other - 125.00 (EUR)
Big shopper

Other - 45.00 (EUR)
triangle bag

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