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Vacaza Deluxe

An Art gift by Twan de Vos (#1489)

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Twan Vos (de)
Region:Gelderland City:Wageningen
Size:15 x 22 Weight: kgs
Price:1850.00 (EUR)


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An art gift made by Twan de Vos: great to give, even greater to receive! :)

A personal design and screenprint is possible at a circulation of 25! The price depends on the use of colours (passes) and size of the print. Prints are available from 15 x 15 cm and bigger.

We print in our own atelier, our inkts are environmentally friendly. Prints as shown on my website are 15 x 22 cm, made in a circulation of 150 pieces, this is about € 1850,- incl. 6% VAT. Any circulation is possible.

(These prints fit beautifully in an aluminum of 30 x 40 cm, not included with the price).

For more information please contact me by email or visit my website.

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*Sculpture - 500.00 (EUR)
Proud bird

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Reviewer:June 27, 2010 - Twan

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Twan de Vos

Reviewer:August 13, 2009 - KunstSpoor

Recommended by:
Reviewer:May 25, 2009 - Monique

Bijzonder leuk!
Zaterdag 16 mei met 8 meiden de workshop naaktmodelschilderen gedaan op een énorm leuke locatie in hartje Tilburg. Het is altijd moeilijker dan je denkt maar dmv de juiste aanwijzingen van ons model en docente Annelies hebben we er allemaal een mooi kunstwerk van weten te maken! Leuk, inspirerend én leerzaam! Een absolute aanrader!!!

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