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Vacaza Deluxe

Silver Sycamore Seed Pendant (#1907)

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lucy sylvester
Region:Oxfordshire City:Oxon
Size:5cm across Weight: kgs
Price:85.00 (GBP)


Solid silver Sycamore Seed pendant is cast from life, the silver is darkened to enhance the detail before a final polish.
The highly polished back carries the Birmingham hallmark.
Please state if you require a 16" or 18" chain.

Lucy has a passion for our British countryside, she is not only inspired by it, she uses it directly to create her collections.
During country walks Lucy collects twigs, leaves, cow parsley stems and rye grass, all of which she has taken direct casts from, creating a collection of rings that are exact replicas of the natural forms she has found, now to be worn for a life time in gold or silver.

Taking moulds from the delicate woodland finds enables Lucy to make rings that retain the finest details, fragile lichens, bark textures, budding twigs and the grooves of cow parsley stems combined with diamonds create a collection of fine botanical jewellery.

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