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Vacaza Deluxe

Not enough (#477)

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Leyla Folwell
Region:Warwickshire City:Rugby
Size: Weight: kgs
Price:N/A (EUR)


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Leyla Folwell is a graduate of Loughborough University where she specialised in ceramic design. Over the past four years has continued to develop her ceramic work while promoting it at Specialist Shows and through galleries. She hopes to continue showing across the country as well as organising workshops and demonstrations.


Leyla is designing a new range of work inspired by her travels around India this winter.

Judges Commendation

London Potter’s Open Dec 2006 Highly Commended
Art in Clay 2004

Education & Experience
2007 Part time work for major pottery supplier
2006 Artist in Residence' at King's School, Worcester.
2004 Teaching evening classes at Loughborough University
2004 Supervising the ceramics workshop at Leicester College
2004 Part time teaching ceramics at Leicester College
2003 BA(Hons) Ceramic Design, Loughborough University

Other Items by Leyla Folwell

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Eathernware spiky boy

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Anagama Spiky Boy

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