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Zebra Bum & Oxpecker (#678)

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David Farrer
Region:Surrey City:Chiddingfold
Size: Weight: kgs
Price:2250.00 (GBP)


Wire, papier mache & horsehair

David Farrer is a successful British Sculptor, who specialises in trophy heads’ made from paper mache; a concept born of his time in South Africa endeavouring to encompass the green issues of hunting while incorporating recycled materials, to create a piece of fine art. He has been doing this for the last 11 years and has enjoyed great acclaim, his work in public and private collections all over the world and decorating the homes of many celebrities. David often appears on National and Local TV and Radio, recent features include ‘Rolf on Art’, in the Dali programme, BBC’s Backstage Pass, the invited artist for BBC Smart, the children’s art programme, and CBBC’s daily Exchange show and many others. His latest major solo show in the West End, as always attracted a lot of media attention; it was a startling success with most of the work selling on the opening night!

‘David Farrer was born in 1968 in Leeds. At the age of 12 he moved to Spofforth, a small rural village in North Yorkshire, and later in his 30s to Masham in the very heart of the Yorkshire Dales. The environment, its beasts and beauty have always been central to his view on life. Large periods of time living and working in South Africa, with long and repeated visits to Namibia only added to his passion. This was a passion that was to erupt into the creative voice of
his present work.

Farrer’s training at Art School was as a printmaker and though this catered to his intellectual observations with humour and satirical wit while publicly airing his ecological concerns, it did not address his need for form and texture or celebrate his greatest love, the land and its creatures.

Farrer has worked solely as a professional artist since 1996 with successful exhibitions in Johannesburg, Everard Read Gallery, regular shows in Surrey, Sussex, Yorkshire and the North, the Mercer Gallery, Harrogate and the Stamford Art Centre, and exhibitions in Liverpool, Leeds, Cirencester and Halifax, as well as other appearances internationally. He has been with the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in Central London since 2000, enjoying a number of solo shows and a high profile at the main London Art Fairs on a regular basis.

Farrer’s career is flourishing, with work in both private and public collections worldwide. The use of paper being intrinsic to some commissions such as the Public Record’s Office in Kew, London; who wanted four busts made from copies of the existing records they held, and relevant to the era, they are on view to any visitor. Farrer’s work hangs in the collections of the intensely serious art buyer, many celebrities and those who are totally new to the market.

These accessible, uncanny beasts speak in tongue to a wide and very varied audience; they never fail to provoke thought, laughter and a deep appreciation. Though very busy with work for a full exhibition schedule and a constant flow of commissions, Farrer also makes the time for a series of workshops, at home and abroad, catering for both the young and the older student.

David Farrer has a home and studio in North Yorkshire and in rural Surrey; he shares his time between the two.’
Cordelia John 2003
Art Consultant

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