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Vacaza Deluxe

Zebra Head (#679)

- Enlarge Photos -
David Farrer
Region:Surrey City:Chiddingfold
Size: Weight: kgs
Price:2500.00 (GBP)


Wire, papier mache & horsehair

'Close observation of African culture, where there was an economic need for recycling, led Farrer to experiment with such crude materials as galvanised steel wire, magazines, wood and horse hair. Using papier-mâché these are transformed into vibrant and dramatic sculptures that elevate traditional craft materials and naïve techniques to contemporary fine art…… In David Farrer’s work there is something for everyone. Its intersubjectivity works on many levels with a multiplicity of effect depending on the viewer’s beliefs and interpretation. The sculptures are skilfully executed, creative, innovative and unique.’
Vivienne Roberts MA 2003
Art Critic

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