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Vacaza Deluxe

Leg (#740)

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Judith Wiersema
Region:Noord-Holland City:Naarden
Size:110 Weight: kgs
Price:N/A (EUR)


Limited availability.

For more information please visit my website.

Material: aluminium, bronze: white, black, gold, rusty.

'Leg represents the power of a woman, but also the possible pain or punishment of a high heel. The force to change this inconvenience in power and seduction. The weapon of a woman...'

Judith studied psychology in Amsterdam, but changed course completely at the time she had a baby. Beside the fact that she already had a diploma in nursing, sculpturing became her true passion.

'Sculpturing has always been, through all my life, a very important issue'. As a child she could already loose herself in making things with her hands. During high school you could already see her creativity during art classes. 'So it is such a great feeling to finally let your creativity flow freely, although it takes a while to find your best path, or right direction in life. It is also this period that gives something extra to your expression in making things'.

In 1993 Judith went to the Gooise Art Academy and worked four years with her teacher Janko Berman. After that period she started her own atelier with Janko and other sculptors. The intensity of working in stone became stronger and stronger then.
'And then suddenly you make things that come out of your 'inner self' and it is almost as if you are being guided from within'. Judith makes womens torsos sinds then. Torsos will say that the bodies are cut at certain places without hurting 'the expression' you want to excel.

Sometimes you can even emphasize something you want to express with leaving out certain parts of a complete body. 'I always say that i don't want to analyse too much why i make women, because i'm afraid that the magic will fade away. Being in love is not something you analyse as well'.
Ofcourse it has a lot to do with the things you do in life, or going trough. The fact that the sculptures she makes in 2006 are mostly of womens legs, is probably because she started running in this period. So the fact that she made 'the mega leg', is maybe a reflection of the marathon in NY she has been running.

It is since five years that i have been selling my work. Suddenly i saw my breast torso lying in my kitchen in serpentine stone and thought: 'this has to be in aluminium, shining and polished'! Since then i make six or seven pieces of every original. After a bit of exposure and publicity there were a few galleries who wanted to work with me. Today that is in Holland Jaski Art Gallery in Amsterdam and Giardino beeldentuin in Berg en Terblijt.

Further i expose in other countries like Spain, Germany, France and Belgium. Ofcourse my hopes are to show my work in England, New York and China.

But the best there is, is creating. Just me my stone and i. Important is that i keep moving in my life cause my opinion is that if you stop developing, you will stop making interesting work. The work will radiate what you have inside.

My work has been shifting from a somewhat classic to a more glamourous radiation, i think. They are realistic and mostly true size. This helps me to make them pure on my feelings without studies and models. For other people it is interesting to feel them because of this fact. Yet there is a certain bit of abstraction and simpleness in the forms.

My mission is not to make erotic sculptures, but women in all their strength and femininity. If there is some erotic feeling that is great!

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