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Art Material Suppliers or Manufacturers

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On this page you find Art Material Suppliers or Manufacturers. The locations of these organisations can be tracked via our Points of Interest on Krazart and our partnersites for creative holidays ( see examples).

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Alec Tiranti Ltd supplies a wide range of materials, equipment and tools to sculptors, modelmakers, mouldmakers, designers, prototypers, woodcarvers, stonecarvers, specialist plasterers, building picture and furniture restorers, potters and ceramicists.

Ken Bromley Art Supplies
We aim to give our customers more than they expect, top quality products, fast and friendly service, discount prices, well packaged goods and reliable service. Deliveries worldwide.

Manufacturer for klins for work and hobby. Toma is located in Volkel in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant, is a family firm that has specialised for over 25 years in building kilns for use at high temperatures.

Yuri Karpov (MA)
Professional Conservator Restorer of Fine Antique Furniture & Important Wooden Interior Artifacts
The aim in Conservation & Restoration process at Yuri Karpov workshop-studio is to reveal and restore (bring back) an object or its missing parts to its original condition and look as it has been meant by its creator long time ago (sometimes maker and designer is the same person). Without changing its original line and interfering with a unique time pattern that has been left through its life.

Quality guaranteed!

The UK’s largest range of quality art materials

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Fill check box “Shopping” (Points of Interest, directly under the Google map) and track down the locations of Art Material Suppliers or Manufacturers.
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